Chairperson of the Global Facial Reflexology Network of facial reflexologists, founder of the International Institute of Face and Feet Reflexology (Instituto de Reflexologia Facial/Podal Internacional) in Barcelona. Thanks to 30 years of involvement and experience, she managed to prove effectiveness of her therapy with patients suffering from brain damage and other neurological problems in medical and therapeutic circles and facilities. As a therapist and teacher who achieved world fame thanks to her work and persistence in solving problems connected with numerous illnesses, she developed a face, feet and hands neuro reflexology and laser therapy systems. She has combined ancient therapy methods with modern medicine.

She has received education in Denmark, Span, France, Chile, Argentina, Germany and Cuba. Since 1978, she has been improving her knowledge in the fields of reflexology, acupuncture, neurology and laser therapy as well as natural methods used by Pehuenche people from South America. All these experiences allowed her to create holistic therapies based on various methodologies and used currently in the whole world as SorensensistemTM.

In her long clinical career she has worked with children with learning problems and common behaviour disorders. Furthermore, she worked with patients suffering from brain damage and nervous system disorders.


Lone Sorensen cooperates with private and national institutions where she conducts therapy of patients with brain damage and dysfunctions. Apart from the above, she is constantly training therapists in the whole world (in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, England, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates among others). Thanks to this, a training programme for parents was developed. They can use manual therapies intended for children with brain damage themselves.

In 2000, Lone Sorensen's working methods were approved by the rehabilitation centre “Filadelfia Kurhuset” in Denmark. It is a specialist therapy centre for patients suffering from brain damage. Lone has also been awarded with multiple prizes and rewards for her achievements in the field of neuro reflexology granted by international scientific and social organizations (including 3 honorary titles from the O.M.H.S for her contribution in development of reflexology in Argentina).