Facial reflexology with the method of Lone Sorensen is a therapy method that allows to preserve good mental and physical health. It also includes energetic diagnosis as well as cosmetic and aesthetic therapy and treatment.

The main goal of the therapy is to determine causes of the body imbalance and stimulate it to self-regulation and self-healing.  This therapy is mostly based on acupuncture, reflexology and neurology. It stimulates organs via central nervous system nerve endings.

Treatment is carried out on the patient's face. It is so efficient because we are working in the vicinity of brain and cerebral cortex. It is a neuro reflex therapy of the central nervous system. It consists in the phenomenon of reflex arc, strictly connected with anatomy, nervous system functions and physiology.  The therapist's job is to stimulate reflex spots. As a result an impulse goes to brain stem which in turn sends information to a given organ in the body. Thanks to the work on proper receptors, therapists can improve their patient's condition. During the treatment the patient's body produces endorphins and serotonin which lead to relaxation and play an important role in keeping proper balance of the central nervous system.

Using only his or her fingers, the therapist is stimulating neurovascular and neurological spots and reflectorical zones. As a result of this stimulation, impulses go through the central nervous system and meridians to our body and its organs.

SorensensistemTM covers several basic therapeutic methods which include:

  • neuro reflex facial therapy
  • neuro reflexology of feet (Praxis Vertebralis)
  • neuro reflexology of hands

These methods are used as individual treatments in numerous conditions and constitute basis for other treatments carried out in specific cases such as:

  • advanced neuro reflex Temprana therapy (rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders)
  • eye therapy (eye disorders)
  • Cosmo Lifting (cosmetic reflexology)
  • Cosmo Facial (cosmetic reflexology)

SORENSENSISTEM™ reflexology treatments are safe, effective and relaxing. This therapy restores your body balance and improves quality of your life. Treatments will make you relaxed, calm and vigorous. Treatments are applicable to patients in all ages.